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Since when did GIFs become HD?

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Reuse! Reduce! Recycle! Remember that whole thing from elementary school? Sure okay whatever. In this episode I try to brighten things up via listener request, talk about marriage (that thing that’s slowly dying out), and… BA-BADA-BAAAAA. Another interview with my good friend and comedian Woody Battaglia! Take a listen!

I’m back! It’s been a month! Happiness! Change! Things! In this episode, I give you the month recap with some screw-ups, apologies and… an interview. I INTERVIEWED ANOTHER HUMAN PERSON MEAT! Yes, my good friend Emily was kind enough to set aside time, yet not her phone, to discuss her mental state, history, etc. I hope you enjoy! I think this is the best episode yet…

Hey, gang! It’s me! Asshole: Part 2. In this episode I apologize again for my mega tardiness, important yet intrusive life events, and… death! It’ll be quite an episode… or it won’t be! Better quality next time. PEACE (out)!

"If June is going to take over the role of thinking something is overly sexual when it isn’t, then I have to say this is very upsetting."

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This is so absolutely accurate for me. Please read and share.

OKAY SO IT’S BEEN 26 DAYS. ALRIGHT?! I’M SORRY! I am truly am sorry though. ANYWAY…

Welcome to düblé episode 10! I talk about the long time I’ve been away, the things I’ve been doing, the things I’ve been not doing, and travel! I hope you enjoy and sorry this episode is action heavy and not so much BPD stuff. Per chance I’ll do a mini ‘sode…?

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